A Newly Remodeled Home

A Newly Remodeled Home

3 Ways To Make The Cash You Need Fast

Mathéo Gerard

It happens to everyone now and then – your electric bill is higher than you expected, you get sick enough to miss a week of work, or your car breaks down when you still have a week to go before payday. When these things happen, you find yourself scrambling for the cash you need to cover your expenses. It may seem hard to come by, but fast cash is out there. All that you need is to know where to find it. Take a look at what you can do to get the cash that you need, quickly.

Sell Your Stuff

One of the fastest ways to get cash is to sell something, and the benefit of making the money that you need by selling something is that you don't have to worry about paying the money back later. You could put together a last-minute garage sale or list unwanted items in the classified ads.

It's not only big ticket, expensive items that are worth money and can make you a little extra cash. You might be surprised by just how many things you have just lying around the house that you can sell. It's possible to make money off of things that you would ordinarily just throw away. For example, the empty cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls and empty egg cartons are just two of the strange things that you can sell online to interested buyers – usually people use these odds and ends for arts and crafts projects. If you have pack rat tendencies, or if you forgot to take your recycling out last week, you might be sitting on a small gold mine of money for things that you won't miss at all.

Donate Your Blood

If you've ever donated blood for free, or perhaps in exchange for a small gift, like a T-shirt or movie tickets, you might be wondering how you could possibly make money that way. It's true that the usual blood donation process is usually not a moneymaker. But you can donate your blood plasma for cash.

Plasma is the liquid part of your blood that's used to carry white and red blood cells. How much you can make depends on the center you donate to. $40 is a typical payment for plasma donation, and you can donate as often as twice a week. Your plasma is used to help treat people with leukemia and certain immune disorders, so you will not only be making some quick cash, you'll be helping people who really need your help.

Get a Loan

A loan should usually be your last resort when it comes to raising cash quickly because you have to pay the money back, and that can be tough when you're already strapped for cash. Still, paying back a loan is usually cheaper than letting your bank account go into overdraft or incurring late fees and charges because you didn't pay your bills on time.

When you need to get a loan quickly and don't have collateral or the time to spend going through credit checks, your options are somewhat limited. You could ask a friend or family member for a loan, but be warned that mixing money and personal relationships can be an unpleasant experience. If you go this route, be sure to get everything in writing, and make certain that you can pay the money back on time. If you have credit cards, you could take the money out in a cash advance, but this often comes with very expensive interest charges.

One last option is a payday loan. Although payday loans often get a bed rep for their expensive fees, the data shows that payday loan fees are frequently less expensive for consumers than overdraft fees from your bank, so if you're facing an overdraft, a payday loan may be the best way to go. Plus, payday loans are instant. If you need money today, a payday loan is your best bet. Usually, all that you need is to show identification, proof of employment, and proof that you have an active bank account. Your lender will loan you the money, and then withdraw it, plus any applicable fees, from your bank account on your next payday. Or, if you're not ready to pay it back, you can extend the loan for another small fee.

Needing money is stressful, but with a little persistence and creativity, you can find the funds you need. Just stay calm and explore all of the angles, and you'll find a way to get the money that you're looking for. 


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