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What To Do If Your Family Member Was Arrested In NYC

Mathéo Gerard

If you were out in public and your family member was arrested, then you're probably panicked and are looking for information about how to get them out of jail. It can be intimidating, but if you know exactly how to go about the process, it is something that you can do without too much difficulty. It's actually a rather straightforward process, but it does require knowing what to do and who to contact. Here are the main three things you need to do right now so that you can bail your loved one out.

Locate Where They Are

The police may have taken your loved one quickly, and you might not have been able to get information during the chaos. You can contact the local precinct if you like, but eventually your family member is going to be taken to one of the city's central booking locations. Where they go depends on which borough you are in. Persons arrested in the Bronx, for instance, will be taken to Bronx County Criminal Court, which is located near Yankee Stadium. The easiest way to get the number and location for your borough's central booking is to call 311 for assistance.

Get Their Arraignment Schedule and Number

Once you locate the number for central booking, you need to call and get the prisoner information. This includes any number that they have been assigned, as well as the time for their arraignment. You will need this information because it is at the arraignment that the judge will decide what the bail is to be set at. The bail is the amount of money the court requires in order for your family member to be released. If your family member does not have someone to post bail, then they will most likely be taken to Rikers Island, which is not what you or they would want.

Set Up a Meeting With a Bail Bond Company

Even before the arraignment, you can meet with a bail bond company. In fact, if you have enough time before the arraignment, then it's definitely advisable to do so. You can set up a meeting with one of the 24-hour bail bond services and they will send someone over to the arraignment to post bail. You will have to agree to pay a portion of the bail (the general rule is that bail bond companies charge about 10% of the total bail to post bond).

The advantage to getting the bail bond company ahead of time is that they are experienced in dealing with the arraignment process. While it is new and confusing to you, it's second nature to them as they are professionals and they deal with this sort of issue all day long.

Once the bail bond company posts the bail, your family member is free to leave. Call companies like All Night & Day Bailbonds to get the support you need.


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