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Potential Conditions That Must Be Met Before Court Releases Bail Bond

Mathéo Gerard

When you use bail bondsman services to get out of jail, you might think that the court will automatically release this bail bond once you attend your initial court hearing for the criminal matter, but this is not the case. In fact, the court will usually not release the bail bond until a person meets all the conditions the court has set. While these vary, here are some of the common conditions the court might set in place for a person with criminal charges.

Attending classes or a rehab program

A common condition the court puts in place for a lot of different crimes is the requirement of taking some type of class or completing a rehab program of some kind. If the crime you face is a DUI or something similar, you would likely be required to complete an alcohol class. This type of class would teach you the dangers of drinking and driving and ways to avoid doing this. If the charge you face is for drugs, you might have to complete a drug-rehabilitation program to help you learn how to avoid the use of drugs in the future. For theft crimes, you may have to take a theft-prevention course.

Completing community service hours

Secondly, it is very common for criminals to face the penalty of completing a certain number of hours of community service. Community service hours are hours you volunteer to work in some way that helps the community. You might be able to do this by cleaning a local park or by cleaning up garbage on local highways. There are a lot of different options for community service hours, and you can choose which type of work you would like to do.

Paying restitution

The other punishment you might face is paying restitution. If you stole something, for example, you might have to pay the person back that you stole from. Paying restitution teaches individuals that they cannot simply take what is not theirs. If this is a consequence you face, you would likely have to repay this before the court would release your bail bond.

These are three common types of conditions that you might have to meet before the court will release the bail bond. If you can complete them quickly, it will release the liability of this debt faster. If you currently need a bail bond to get out of jail, contact a bail bondsman today.


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