A Newly Remodeled Home

A Newly Remodeled Home

Staying Home: Learn Why Home Is The Best Place To Be After An Arrest

Mathéo Gerard

Remaining behind bars is not an optimal place to wait for your case to be resolved. Fortunately, bail allows those jailed to be free while awaiting trial. Some defendants may decide to avoid paying to bail and sit in jail after an arrest – perhaps thinking they can save some money. Unfortunately, taking this tact may backfire on those people in several ways. Read on to find out what sets defendants who get bailed out apart from those that stay incarcerated.

You may be able to gain a bail reduction by agreeing to wear an ankle bracelet. The main point of bail is to keep tabs on defendants during the pretrial process. Any type of monitoring that helps the courts keep up with defendants is beneficial to them. In certain cases, defendants may gain a lower bail price if they wear the ankle monitor. Be sure to consider the cost of the ankle monitor, however.

You can remain present for your family and attend to your employment. Being away from friends and loved ones can cause undue harm to you and them. Additionally, maintaining employment may be necessary for both financial reasons and when it comes to sentencing. If you are convicted or plead guilty, having steady employment might reduce your chances of going to jail.

You can ready yourself for what is to come. If you anticipate having to pay a big price for the crime you are accused of, being out on bail allows you some time to get your affairs in order. You might need to make arrangements for the care of your children if you should be incarcerated, for example. Other tasks might be to arrange for a loan, ask for a leave of absence from your job, place your belongings in storage, etc.

You avoid jailhouse snitch problems. Using cellmates as sounding boards or to vent about the situation you find yourself in can have negative effects that go beyond what you might think. Increasingly, experts are examining cases where jailhouse snitch testimony sent innocent people to prison.

You won't be tempted to plead guilty. In many cases, defendants are offered plea bargains. If you remain in jail, you might be more likely to agree to a plea bargain that involves pleading guilty and being released to probation or house arrest. If you remain free, you have the opportunity to assist your criminal defense attorney in building a case and fully participate in your defense from the other side of the bars.

You can use a 24/7 jail bail bonds agency to reduce bail costs. Bail bonding services involve spending a fraction of the bail cost and achieving the same result as if you had paid full cost – freedom. Speak to a bail bonding agency as soon as you can and find out more about arranging bail this way.



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