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The Three Common Types Of Bail Bonds

Mathéo Gerard

If you are charged and arrested for an offense, your best chance of being free while you wait for your hearing is posting bail. After you find a bail bonds service, the next step is to determine which bail bond is best suited for you. Here are some common types of bail bonds.

Surety Bail Bonds

One of the most common bail bonds is a surety bond. This type of bond will cost you 10% of the total bail amount. Many people choose this bail bond type because the court sets bail at a dollar value that exceeds their personal budget.

A surety bond is typically written for a percentage of the full bail amount. Your guarantor will provide collateral to get the remaining amount.

Immigration Bail Bonds

If you are an undocumented immigrant, you can be arrested and imprisoned by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. You may be allowed to post bail with the help of a licensed bail bonds service. The two types of immigration bail bonds are a voluntary departure bond and a delivery bond.

With a voluntary departure bond, you are free to leave the country within a specified period. This bond may be granted before removal proceedings begin. On the other hand, a delivery bond is like the standard bail bond. It allows you to be released, provided you will return for all court appearances.

Property Bail Bonds

A property bail bond posts the value of a real estate or other tangible property to obtain release from jail. In some cases, your property should bear a higher value than the bail amount to be accepted. These bonds are not allowed in every state; therefore, make sure you research the laws in your area.

Property bonds can be obtained from your bail bonds agency. In some states, a court-appointed appraiser assesses the value of your property. In other states, the court will acknowledge the value of the property indicated on tax documents. If the property has multiple owners, the other owners must sign an agreement allowing the property to finance a bond.

In Conclusion

If you have been charged with an offense and are out on bail, it is important you abide by the bail agreement. Violating the bail agreement terms will lead to your imprisonment and additional costs. For example, you could end up paying more court and legal fees and even lose the property you used as collateral. To be on the safe side, consult your bail bonds agency about the reasons that your bail may be revoked.

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