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Discover The 3 Main Differences Between Bail Bonds And Cash Bail

Mathéo Gerard

When bailing someone out of jail, you will often have the choice between paying a cash bail or obtaining a bail bond. While both of these choices are designed to achieve the same goal, there are some notable differences between them. Understanding these differences will help you select the option that is best suited to your specific needs.

Difference #1: Availability

The ability to post a cash bail will typically be limited to regular business hours. This is because most jails do not accept cash payments during the overnight or weekend hours. Bail bonds are typically available 24/7. If you need to bail someone out who has been arrested outside of normal business hours, the around-the-clock availability of bail bonds can prove to be very beneficial. After all, no one wants to sit in jail while they wait for the bail office to open again on Monday morning.  

Difference #2: Upfront Investment

If you choose the option of posting cash bail, you will need to have the full amount of the bail to pay upfront. If you choose the option of a bail bond, you will be able to obtain this bond with just a percentage of the bail amount. Depending upon the amount of your loved one's bail and what financial resources you have at your disposal, the ability to successfully post bail without having all of the money upfront can prove to be extremely beneficial. Oftentimes, people will find that the lower upfront cost of a bail bond allows them to get their loved one released from jail much faster than if they are forced to raise all of the cash needed to post a cash bail. 

Difference #3: Refundability 

When you post cash bail, you will be able to get your entire bail amount refunded to you once your loved one's court case is closed provided they made all of their court appearances. This is because cash bail is used simply as collateral to ensure your loved one shows up to court. This collateral is only forfeited if the terms of release are violated. This is not the case with a bail bond. When obtaining a bail bond, the money that you pay upfront is a fee for the bail bondsman's services. This fee is not applied to the bail amount and is nonrefundable. 

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